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is a radiant barrier that can make your current insulation more effective.  It is made from a woven polyethylene material covered by a reflective, metalized film that blocks 94% of radiant heat. 

Whether industrial, commercial, residential or do-it-yourself projects, there are many reasons you should use R+HeatShield:
  •  Reduces energy consumption and costs
  •  Improves comfort of interior spaces by controlling temperatures
  •  Lightweight
  •  Safe and easy installation
    * Can span 8’ unsupported
    * Superior tear and puncture resistance 
    * No special tools needed for installation: R+HeatShield can easily be cut with scissors or a razor blade and installed with staples,  nails, or screws.
  •    Non-toxic / Environmentally safe

R+HeatShield can be installed:

  •     Outside walls in post-frame and pre-engineered metal buildings
  •     Over joists under roof sheathing
  •     Under Roof rafters
  •     Over crawl spaces or unfinished basements
  •     Under trusses
  •     Over purlins and grits
  •     Any insulation need in space-constricted applications

Popular Standard Sizes (1 roll Solid or Perforated):

    48” x 125’
    48” x 250’

Technical Data

 Specifications  Test Method
 Reflectivity  ASTM E408
 Emissivity  ASTM E408
 Flame and Smoke Rating
 ASTM E84-10
 Tear Strength
   MD 67.21 / CD 61.61
 Weight    14 lbs./500 sq. ft.
 Thickness    4.0 mil